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We are organizing our Brazil Japan Seminar | Regulatory Framework for Sanitation for months with the challenge of being the biggest online meeting on this topic in 2020.

The Regulatory Framework project is one of the largest sanitation and drinking water projects in the world:

Check out the main points:

  • Target of 99% of the population with drinking water at home by December 2033
  • Target of 90% of the population with sewage collection and treatment by December 203
  • Ações para diminuição do desperdício de água aproveitamento da água da chuva
  • Stimulating private investment through bidding between public and private companies
  • End of preemptive right to state companie
  • If the goals are not met, companies may lose the right to perform the service

According to the Ministry of Economy, the new legal framework for sanitation should reach more than 700 billion reais in investments and generate around 700 thousand jobs in the country in the next 14 years.

But the theme does not stop there. Investments will be necessary to expand factories to supply raw materials and equipment, in addition to expanding the capacity of the plants for water and sewage treatment operations, which many experts estimate even in a multiplication of two or three the amount of direct investment.

We were careful to call the leading experts on the subject, from the National Congress, through industry class entities, services, diverse institutions and lawyers.

We actually have our Online Seminar as the starting point for a series of exchanging information, networking possibilities and promoting the exchange of knowledge and technologies. Our focus is also on facilitating the formation of joint ventures between Brazilian and Japanese companies.

In order to be able to afford such a long-term project, spanning governments, we are looking for major players in this sector to consolidate the supply of treated water and sanitation, an urgent need that has become even clearer, starting with the pandemic now we live.

Our big thanks to the panelists, collaborators, sponsors and mainly to you participating, for whom we ask you to publicize our event and participate in the activities that will come, from now on, and during the development of this great milestone.

Strong hugs to everyone!

Emerson Ciociorowski e Fabiola Sampaio
Organizing Committee

Regulatory Framework for Sanitation

The Sanitation Regulatory Framework in Brazil comes at a very opportune moment when the biggest pandemic that has ever existed in Brazil occurs with COVID 19, where one of the main forms of prevention is hand washing.

This pandemic has opened up a secular social debt and the regulatory framework aims to change this scenario.

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